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Established 2011

Do you have friends with craft businesses that you think would like to join us at the PCG?

As well as recognition for your work as a Professional Crafter we are very proud of our community. Wouldn’t it be even better if your friends were with us too?

We would like to make it possible for both you AND your friends could benefit from a referral to our Guild.

If you join our referral scheme you will benefit from:

What are the referral discounts?

When you join our referral scheme you will be issued with a code. For every  Membership that is completed using your code you will receive a 2.50 discount on your next payment. This will be sent to you as a refund when your next payment completes. The maximum amount of discount you will receive is the cost of your annual payment. You would then be getting a year for FREE!

You will be able to refer your friends straight to our discounted membership form. This will give them a permanent 10 a year discount on our Membership. 25 instead of 35.

Once a referral is complete you will receive an email confirming that it has been logged. Referrals without codes or your business name will not be counted.

How do I join the referral scheme?

Please email us at with the following information.

Email Subject:  Referral Scheme

Your Full Name:

Your Business Name:

Your Guild Membership Number: (This is optional as we should be able to find you from your name and business name but it will speed things up for us)

Once registered for our scheme you will then receive an email with your code and link.