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Facebook Twitter Pinterest Google+ Instagram Follow the PCG A small selection of some of the feedback we receive at the Guild

“I have found the Guild invaluable, well worth the membership fee.”

“Thanks for everything you do for us. Our requests are always handled quickly & speedily, it's much appreciated.”

“Thank you ever so much for all of your hard work & what you do behind the scenes too :) xx “

“You are doing a fantastic job and it is great to be a part of it.”

“Thank you for the help and support over the years.”

“Thanks so much for all your hard work in helping us small businesses.”

"When you operate in the 'arts & craft' arena, sometimes it's not fully understood that you're running a business and what you do is not just a side-line or hobby for the people who run them. Being a member of the pro crafters guild helps gives visibly, credibility and a badge of professionalism to designers, artists and makers. Being a member of the Guild means access to a wealth of experience and knowledge and at such an affordable price becoming a member is a 'no-brainer"

 - Christine Brown, Alfie Moon Designs

“ I joined because I think being part of something like the guild shows the world that you are serious about what you do, so for me it is worth the money. It means to me that I am part of a fantastic crafting community  who also help each other out with advice etc when needed, and you can pick each others brains about things. ”

 - Fran Hancock - Fran’s Crafts

"Working in arts and crafts can sometimes mean working in isolation, since becoming a member of the guild I have received lots of help, support and inspiration. It's like working as part of a community and there is always someone on hand to help."

- Ann, Annbcrafts

“To be honest, joining the Guild isn't what I expected it to be at all. In reality, it's much much better! I originally joined because I thought having an accreditation of some kind would boost my biz and make me seem more professional to potential customers. I expected that I would get my badges to display and that the Guild would check in on me from time to time etc. I didn't expect there to be such a community behind the Guild! The level of support is incredible and I really enjoy getting to know other like-minded people. It makes self employment not feel quite so daunting and lonely! The PCG is more than just a Guild; it's a family of talented crafters.”

- Kirsty Dimond, K.D Jewellery

"It can be very hard and lonely some days running a business from home on your own but being part of the Pro Crafters Guild helps keep me motivated and feel part of a professional community of like minded crafters who are more than happy to help and give support when and wherever needed".

- Rachel Twose, Puurfectly Handmade

“Being a Sapphire member of the PCG gives me access to a fantastic community of professional crafters who are supportive and helpful. Working on my own means I have to make decisions on subjects I know very little about, having a network of people frome a varied background means most questions can be answered quickly and efficiently.”

- Tim Bird, T2Kreations

“Being a part of the Guild shows you are serious about your business. It also provides a variety of experience, knowledge and support when needed”

- Linda Cooper, Uniquely Your Design