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Established 2011
Since 2011 the Professional Crafters Guild has had various different levels of membership available. One of the easiest ways to find out your entitlements are by the badge design  that you have.

Our original gold membership badges were used between 2011 - June 2016.

Membership at this level was a small one off payment.

If you registered between these dates and still have your badge, your unique number still belongs to you and you are entitled to access our community  PCG Members Group on Facebook only.

Our Ruby membership badges were used between June 2016 - July 2020.

Membership at this level is no longer available to new members but existing Ruby members are welcome to continue with no changes to their annual fee and benefits. Discounted upgrades to our current level is available through the Ruby Membership Area.  

Our Sapphire membership badges have been used since June 2016 - July 2020

All new Members of our Guild will join at this level and this will be our Full level of membership. Our updated Guild Badge is the same only it will have a gold boarder instead of the current blue. Existing Sapphire members will receive our new badge on their next renewal.