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We all get carried away with our businesses but we could be doing more harm than good.

1. Selling on too many platforms?

Do you have online shops here, there and everywhere?

Are you on Ebay, Amazon, Etsy, Folksy etc and also have your own website? You may think that the more places you are the better it is but you could just be diluting your offering. There is also no way that you can promote all of these websites enough to get the most out of them. Please do not think that just having a shop on these marketplaces is enough, you have to spend time promoting them to be found.

It is far easier and a much better use of your time to select one or two online stores or websites and give them your full attention. Maybe one marketplace and your own website.

You need time to actually create your products so you don’t want to spend all of your time sat at your computer trying to get your customers to all of your locations. Add to this the confusion of what stock you are promoting where!

Simplifying things will be a weight off your shoulders.

2. Too many Social Networks?

Are you trying to market in too many places. Where I agree that you need to be seen as the Internet is an infinitely large place, I have learnt the hard way that it is no good signing up for every social networking site out there. Take it from someone who has a ridiculous amount of these accounts, most now sitting there dormant.

Although it is good to have accounts for your business with the main platforms:

Google Plus

It is a good idea to pick one or two and focus on them. Learn how to use them really well, pick up all of the tricks and tips that others have found and really work them!

Treat them as a challenge and make plans and schedules to keep you on track as it is easy to get distracted. Where possible use the scheduling tools on offer as this can be a great time saver. Know what you are posting where and get it all set up to post automatically thereby freeing up your valuable time. Do keep an eye out for notifications though as it is important to respond to any interaction that you receive.

Make a note of the types of marketing that works best on each platform. Did some of your ideas work fabulously, ? Did others get no reaction at all? Are some days better than others?

Your time is money and any way that you can work more efficiently is a bonus.

3. Are you working too much?

Do you work constantly!

I know many professional crafters who get up at the crack of dawn and start work on their businesses and they are still doing it at midnight! This is weekdays and weekends!

Now I applaud their dedication but this is the way to burn out. This is not a good thing for you or your business.

You only get one life and you need to enjoy it. Take a bit of time to look at the world around you, spend time with your family, your cat! This will not only benefit you but it will do your business good too. It will give you time away to come up with new ideas and see your work with fresh eyes.

If possible, set yourself working hours and stick to them.

3 Ways You Could Be Mismanaging Your Time